Extreme Blends super balayage blends are our newest and most stunning ultra Elite grade double drawn 100% virgin cuticle balayage / ombre range.
For a dark exotic look, you can't go past our beautiful deep rich roots cascading into our gorgeous browns.
Our hair extensions are crafted from the most beautiful soft and smooth pure hair to create our exclusive range of high end custom designed professionally blended hair extensions.
These extensions are perfectly coloured to easily and flawlessly blend with your own hair, giving you the stunning sun kissed look so popular in the recent years.
100 grams
22" length
No shedding
100% cuticle correct remy non-tangle hair.
Double drawn
Virgin, cuticle human hair

Ombre / Balayage - Dark Shades - Tape

22" Dark Ombre / Balyage
  • Apply in only a minute and remove in seconds! The fastest, easiest and safest hair extension on the market!

     Our virgin cuticle hair has not been mixed or altered in any way meaning when we create our hair extensions from supreme raw hair with natural lustre, strenght and health.  Our extensions are thick from top to bottom providing a more luxurious effect.

    This hair had not been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened, nor chemically treated in any way. 
    These factors mean our Virgin hair is the most sought after hair in the world.

    Our pure virgin remy human hair ensures the following benefits will be enjoyed:

    • Soft natural and free movement. We select hair of a fine to medium density, which sits and moves lightly.
    • Easier Styling  Our virgin remy cuticle hair is naturally slightly wavy, giving an easy blending result with your own hair.
    • Versatility of styling. Cuticles in-tact means the hair is not damaged like cheaper types of hair such as Indian or Chinese hair which easily becomes damaged from blow-drying, curling and straightening.
    • Longer life span. Ou rhair is strong more durable and, with proper maintenance can last for an extended period of time compared with the cheaper types of hair on the market.
    • No shedding. Virgin Russian hair extensions do not shed like cheaper types of hair.
    • Tangle free. The virginal nature of Russian wefts means that tangling is not a problem as which often occurs with Chinese or Indian hair.
    • Softer and Silkier.  Our hair is not coarse or dry like other types of hair and offers a silkier softer feel.