Our Attachment Systems:  

Clip in - 200 gram Super Sets

Each set is an incredible 200 grams, which is equivalent to two standard full heads.  You can use as many pieces as you like, knowing you won't be caught short.  

You can always count on Extreme Blends for the best quality Superior Grade hair.  

Our clip-in extensions contain only the finest 100% Remy Human Cuticle Hair.

Our clip-ins  are different to other brands, because our extensions are thick from root to tip, and use the same hair that is used for permanent hair extensions instead of wig hair meaning they last much longer than any other clip-ins on the market.

All of our extensions are an extra thick 200 grams giving you the fullness and softness you desire in the most natural way.  

Extreme Blends Clip-in hair extensions are blended with our custom multi-tonal highlight and low-light design for perfect colour matching and dimension.  Our Clip-Ins have no slip, damage-free clips and do not need to be applied by a professional so there are no ongoing maintenance costs.


Extreme blends only sells and uses incredibly high quality Russian grade hair, providing the best hair extensions and service on the Gold Coast.

We have a wonderful range of amazing clip-in hair extensions, using a unique process; cultivating and re-pigmentation 100% luxurious virgin remy hair, to give you the most beautiful hair extensions at wholesale direct prices.

Unlike some of the cheaper Chinese hair extensions which can look and feel like straw, our hair stays soft and silky day after day.

Thick Individual Pieces 

Invisible Tape

 Extreme Blends innovative tape hair extension system uses a medical grade hypo allergenic adhesive suitable for all hair textures to add fullness, length and colour all in less than one hour.

Our tabs blend seamlessly into the hair and are smooth and flexible to the touch creating a natural look.

This method requires no heat or tools during application making it suitable for even damaged hair.

Our tape extensions when applied correctly sit so flat are completely invisible and undetectable. Unlike most companies who use glue strips which are thicker and fall apart after re-using, Extreme Blends only use advanced flexible and super strong PU to  structure our bonds.                         This forms an extremely reliable anti shedding strip which can have new tape applied time and time again.    

Our Tape is super strong, hypoallergenic and comes of easily and cleanly when removal is required.

 Our tape extensions do not fall out and can withstand daily swimming, shampooing, sweating and any lifestyle requiring the most reliable hold.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Extreme blends multi-dimensional colour means the hair incredibly well with your own hair and are nearly undetectable from every angle. Perfect for those with thin or fine hair too.                      

This  brand new colour technology that creates beautiful multi-dimensional colours that lasts.            

Our genuine premium remy human hair is sourced from virgin remy ponytails, hand-selected from the healthiest human hair.                              

Extreme Blends  hair extensions are full from top to bottom because our extensions are pure double drawn hair extensions.


Wefts are one of the oldest and most versatile extensions option on the market, because they can be weaved, beaded or have clips attached to into the hair .

 Our wefts are bound by a thin ultra strong and heat resistant thread that allows the applications to be almost imperceptible and minimises any chance of shedding from the extensions. 

To apply them small braids are created around the crown creating the foundation to which the weft pieces are sewn in hair extensions, ta create a 'curtain' of hair resulting in the desired length.

Normally the weft is cut into sections which are weaved close to the scalp in rows (around 3 - 4 rows are applied for a full head). Once applied the client has instant thickness and length which is undetectable with a relatively flat result.

We believe in luxury products of the highest quality with long lasting results.



The Micro-bead method is ideal for clients who want permanent hair extensions and is suitable for clients with medium to thick hair.

The bond is comprised of a high quality PU bond which doesn't shed like other brands. 

Our micro-bead extensions come in a huge range of colours including mixed blondes. With this method the removal is very easy and the micro-bead hair can be kept and re-used if the hair has been maintained well.

Our hair is luxurious Virgin Cuticle Intact human hair. This hair is hand selected and the cuticle carefully retained. Our virgin hair is meticulously treated to ensure that the protective layers of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip to avoid tangling.

This ensures the natural shine and vitality of the hair allowing it to remain tangle free.

Halo Flip

Our Halo Flip is the the fastest easiest, temporary, damage-free hair extension method available.

The Halo Flip-In Hair is secured to your head with a translucent thread that is covered by your own hair.

Taking less than 1 minute to fit and only 1 second to remove, it is so easy to fit and safe to wear, it truly is the most carefree method available.  Our Halo-Flip does not need to be applied by a professional so there are no ongoing maintenance costs.

The quality of our hair is one of the most important factor of all.

They are completely undetectable and stay perfectly secure from the weight of your own hair over top of a clear transparent wire. 


Because Halo Flip In Hair is made from 100% real virgin remy human hair, you can treat it like your own and use a blowdryer, curling irons, straighteners, cut it, brush, wash and style it exactly as you do your own hair.

Available in 20” or 22” lengths.

This hair extension will not affect your own hair in any way because it is not attached to your own hair, all you need to do is: adjust the wire to fit your head size , slip it on and pull your own hair over the top for an instant stunning transformation!

Ponytail Hair Extension

Our luxurious clip-on ponytail remy human hair extension is designed to create a beautiful, long, thick and sleek ponytail in just minutes.

The Extreme Blends blonde been designed to wrap around the natural hair.

To install, simply place your natural hair in a ponytail. Then insert the comb (from the clip-on ponytail) into the hair to keep in place. Wrap the ribbon around and tie to secure and finally a section hair around the ponytail to complete the look.

As a clip-in hair extension, the ponytail can be installed and removed as many times as you like.  

Our hair is luxurious Virgin Cuticle Intact human hair. This hair is hand selected and the cuticle carefully retained. Our virgin hair is meticulously treated to ensure that the protective layers of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip to avoid tangling.

This ensures the natural shine and vitality of the hair allowing it to remain tangle free.

Why Our Hair is Different from other companies 

Virgin Remy Hair Selection:

First and foremost we only select the most beautiful smooth and silky Virgin remy human hair.

Virgin hair is a phrase used to describe hair extensions that have not been chemically altered in any way. This includes the use of acids, dyes, perms, bleaching, and other routine processes used in the bulk production of low quality hair extensions.

Because virgin human hair is void of these processes, the cuticles stays intact, ensuring smooth, tangle free hair.

However, this also means that more work is required in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair.

Texture Selection:

Texture is also extremely important.  We only select hair from young healthy women.  Our hair is screened and each ponytail inspected to ensure it is pure, untreated and in pristine condition.  This process is highly important as hair extensions quality and purity can vary greatly.  Human hair from other sellers most often than not is taken from anyone to create their products, including old women or men and from people with  

We only purchase our products from vendors we have visited abroad, unlike most hair extension sellers online who simply important products without any real understanding or ability to assess the stock they sell.

Remy Selection:

Remy refers to the alignment of the cuticle.  This is also of utmost importance because while the cuticles are kept intact the hair is handled carefully keeping all hair in a unidirectional fashion.  

Most hair extension companies do not sell real remy hair so In an effort to delay the inevitable, many hair extension companies use a process that adds several layers of silicone to the hair.

This gives the hair a good appearance and ease of maintenance at first, however after washing a few times this will eventually remove the silicone coating and expose the hair underneath. 

We Specialise In A Huge Range Clean Custom Hair Colours:

We receive a lot of positive feedback regarding our beautiful and sophisticated colour range.  We offer a wide selection of custom colours and designs including wavy and straight balayage / Ombre  short and long fade roots as well as special colours like white, grey and silver blonde.  All our cool and warm shades are clean and pretty.

We do not buy cookie cutter hair from random cheap Chinese and Indian suppliers resulting in ugly brassy and yellowy or orangy tones which are common with harsh bleaching of black hair.

Hair Texture Selection:  

Unfortunately the reason hair extensions are acid stripped is because most cheap hair coming from China or India tends to have a very thick cuticle, giving a coarser more "straw-like" appearance.

Our dying procedures:

We utilise the most technologically advanced slow pigmentation dying procedure to keep the integrity of the hair at it's finest, giving you a selection of the most beautiful colours and long lasting hair.

Most brands use processes which rapidly dye hair using chemicals and harsh bleaches which cause irreversible damage to the hair. Instead, our process of dyeing is a very slow process and carefully executed process, something only the world's best hair extensions technicians have the skill and know how to master.  

This ensures the healthiest quality hair, allowing your hair extensions to look their best for longer.


We take the quality of our product very seriously, which is why we set ourselves apart from other companies on a completely different level of quality & authenticity. We ensure our strands laboratory tested to ensure it is the Cuticle it is the highest quality product available.