About Our Hair

Extreme Blends we are meticulous when it comes to selecting the hair we use to create our stunning and incredibly diverse range of hair extensions.

Our virgin full cuticle hair is the very best quality hair available in the world and is extremely difficult to source, however after many years and international trips to view and hand pick our products from the world's top vendors we are one of the few worldwide suppliers who can bring you a 100% pure and top quality consistent product every time.

All our hair extensions are selected from young healthy women who carefully grown their hair to be cut and created into our beautiful hair extensions products.

For one set of waist length virgin hair extensions, it can take over around 3 - 3.5 years to grow.  

The hair is then carefully periodically trimmed to ensure split ends are kept to a minimum.  

Once the hair is long enough to be cut it is tied to ensure the ponytail is kept in the correct alignment to ensure no tangling can accur.

The hair is then cleaned, slowly dyed and finally completed by applying one of our many ultra reliable attachment / bonding structures.  

Our careful dying procedure uses high end de-pigmentation and re-pigmentation technology to preserve the integrity of the hair by keeping the hair cuticle in-tact and smooth.  This exhaustive dying procedure takes approximately 10 days.  

Often consumers will become confused with the myriad of different types of hair as well as the price.

Low prices are always tempting, but as we explain the reasons below, you ultimately want long lasting beautiful hair, as apposed to a cheap product which may only be tolerable for days or more.  

This is not only disappointing but also is time consuming and more expensive in the end resulting in the need to re-purchase and re-apply the hair.

The reason Virgin natural hair is more expensive, is the global demand for hair extensions is becoming greater than the limited supply available, and for this reason there are man cheap alternatives out there.


The purpose of having hair extensions is to provide a seamless effect so you have longer or thicker hair which looks stunning and feels natural and soft.

Investing in a quality hair extensions product product is truly imperative.


By now, almost anyone who has been wearing hair extensions will have had "issues" with standard Asian or Indian hair such as tangling, fuzziness and an over-all degradation of quality in a very short period of time.  

This is due to the demand for a cheap price, which force Chinese and Indian suppliers to increase their production by using clever methods to satisfy the demands of the consumer who most often mistakenly believing all hair extensions are created equal.  

The result may be hair extensions that may at first glance look and feel like natural hair but are in-fact human hair mixed with animal or synthetic and hair which does not have the cuticles facing in the same direction.

With this type of collection method, cuticle directions become mixed, causing inevitable shedding, tangling and matting problems.  


Often human hair is also mixed with synthetics or animal hair to create more product.  These 'fillers' result in an inferior product causing friction to the hairs cuticles resulting in tangling as it rubs against the foreign additive.

The problems are then compounded because low quality Chinese and Indian hair is often much darker and coarser than carefully selected Virgin hair from young women so this means the hair must be acid stripped to produce a finer texture.  

After all this mixing and heavy processing, the naturally black or very dark hair then undergoes harsh bleaching in order to create lighter shades.

These aggressive processes mean the hair will ultimately be severely compromised.

 It is no wonder the lovely hair you saw when you first opened the pack quickly becomes a nightmare to deal with.

Often when very black or dark hair is used to create blonde or light brown shades, even if the hair was in good condition to begin with it will often end up severely damaged due to the harsh bleaches and old fashioned techniques used to create these shades.

Harsh, hurried bleaching also most often produce brassy, orangy browns and yellowy blondes, which are shades seldom requested by our customers who instead request cooler more natural looking shades.


At Extreme Blends we offer a large range of sophisticated and beautiful cool and warm shades by paying special attention to the colouring process to ensure the hair colours are clean and the hair retains its natural vitality and strength. 

At Extreme our hair is pure, soft and much more silky in texture, and is renowned for its long lasting and natural beauty.  

Our Virgin hair is available in all methods of attachment due to the popularity of the newer methods such as tape, micro-bead, flip-in halos, ponytails and nano tips, but of course we still supply all classic and original methods such as machine and hand-tied wefts.

All of our Virgin natural hair has lovely full ends resulting in beautiful volume from root to tip.